Buddhist Singing Bowl

An Introduction

Sunrise over the Wheat Field
Amy Feger hosts events at The Enlightened Soul Center in Ann Arbor, MI
To include: Reiki Shares, Sunday Morning Altar Sound Baths, Shamanic channeled rattling, Ancestorial drumming and rain stick along with channeled techniques of the quartz crystal Bowls. As well as guides individuals to further expand their  intuition and healing practices.
Currently she offers sessions in Past Life and Soul Retrieval mixed with channeling spirit that moves through her to apply healing and
messages from the spiritual side to help clients unblock their energy.

Amy Also Teaches Channeled Techniques in Sound Healing
and opens the student to work with one foot in the spiritual side
and one in the present moment.  Two Programs are in the making that lead to one master program. One from the aspect of sound healing and the other to enhance 
ones direct connection to receive healing information, to step through time and bring the past to todays' healing moment for clients. In the advanced program the student step into keeping themselves open to exploring those beings from the skies. 
To then combine all programs to step into the Visionary Healer
Versatility, fearlessness, Intention, Knowing, channeling, intuition, mediumship, reiki, sensing, sound healing, stepping into the spirit of another and working with what is before you with the essence of love.

Amy Feger LMT. License # 7501009012

 Amy was initiated in The Nine Rites of the Munay-Ki of the Peruvian Shaman, so she can work with lingering spirits and her clients' connections to them allowing them to share why they are there and together to release their connection with love. Amy works with the client to heal their past life wounds and sometimes verry current blocks that are preventing full expression of love and joy.  Working deeply with the clients' spiritual story during energy work sessions. In 2018 Amy became an ordained Priest under "Sanctuary of the Beloved" through Rev. Daniel Chesbro after the order of Melchizedek. She also received her Master/Teacher Reiki certification (Reiki III B) from Bruce Fagan 2017. In 2018 Amy also accepted the teaching position at Irene's Myomassology Institute where she currently teaches the Sound and Vibration Healing class elective. She shares her intuitively guided methods of playing the quartz crystal bowls along with other instruments. She teaches her own methods from a manual she authored called "The Sound Vibrational Method of The White Light Connection." at Irenes Myomassology Institute for the past few years.


Amy has played her Quartz Crystal Bowls at the November 2016: Awake and Empowered Expo, The Corinthians Center,2018: hosted Monthly crystal bowls meditations in A2 2019: Played for U of M "Break the Stigma" event, The Waterhill festival 2019, Earth Day Center of Ann Arbor, As well as monthly at The Enlightened Soul Center. Bowls with yoga classes with Joy Aleccia and Kelli Sinta. In 2020 Amy Volunteered offering her Intuitive chair massage with Shaman Rattling and quartz Crystal bowl combos at Conscious Cafe on a weekly basis just before covid hit. Amy also often is part of the Enlightened Soul Centers Psychic partys where she offers intuitive readings and energy work to the public.

Before becoming a massage therapist and energy practitioner Amy also received an Associates in Applied Science Honors Degree in Graphic Design in 2007 and was twice over recognized as a National Deans List Honor Student. A member of the Phi Theta Kappa Society with a background as an expert design reviewer for Concept Feedback. 

A graduate of Irene's Myomassology Institute, in Southfield Michigan she has training in Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Foot Reflexology, Kahi Loa, Polarity and Swedish Massage among other modalities.  Although Amy is shifting from doing massage to Events and teaching Amy integrates the benefits of the use of energy work into the overall therapeutic massage. for her current clients 


Amy also hosted along with Brendan Collins of Healing Forest Massage and Wellness, group Sound Baths at his practice in Ann Arbor throughout 2019/2020 Amy has also gone through deeper Shamanic advanced classes through Shaman Dr. Marjorie Farnsworth, MBA,MHt, PHD, of Spirit Assist. These include: Journeying, Communication with Spirit, Soul Retrieval, Extractions. At the Enlightened Soul Center she is considered a visionary energy healer psychic in that she leaves herself open to receive visuals for individuals. That stem from DNA/Soul memories and sometimes sees departed loved ones and messages and visuals of past/present/future on top of tapping into the medical intuitive work. She is currently working on a series of classes and a signature program of visionary energy work training.

Continuing Education 2019/2020:   Hand&Stone Courses: Decompression Therapy, Endurance Taping, Enhancement Skills (Hand and foot exfoliation treatments, Hot Towel/cold stone face massage), Himalayan Salt Stone Massage, Nourishing Scalp Treatment, Paraffin Therapy, Hot Stone Massage, Spa Sanitation & Illness prevention. Irenes Myomassology course May 31st 2020 Sanitary Surroundings ( for massage therapists). June 2020 Certification in Barbicide Covid-19 Certification & Barbicide Certification for spas.