NEW Connecting to Passed Loved Ones

Through picture. and sentimental items.

  • 45 minutes
  • 80 US dollars
  • Enlightened Soul Center

Service Description

New to Reading Pictures. I have been reading pictures of passed loved ones for a couple years now. I see things symbolically and yet at times very literally, I practice reading and remote viewing for passed missing and can sometimes describe what happened to them. Giving answers and clues to match along with others. I have often stepped into spirits for the past 5 years and yet with a picture I use two techniques, I bring the person into my spiritual space and I view what they do like watching a play. Then I describe what it is they are doing and even feeling. 2nd way I imagine wearing the outfit they are wearing in the picture and allow the client to ask questions and I can give some yes and no answers. Other times the energy steps into me and I can walk like them and feel what they are feeling and have a sense of what they want to say. I can sit with the picture for as long as you would like to bring messages that sometimes only the client would know and deep detail of incidents. I am very direct and don't color coat things yet say things gently. I dont read passed pets. Yet, have seen them happily visit an owner or walking with passed loved ones. Client can bring more then one picture or sentimental items to help connect. 45 min and 15min reflection time

Contact Details

  • 2711 Carpenter Road, Ann Arbor, MI, USA